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Geek Store Collection – The Best Geek Gift Ideas

Our geek store collection has the best geek gift ideas and other nerdy things you need to own. If you are or have a geek in your life this is the only geek store collection you need to look at! Ranging from sweet figurines too models that will blow your mind. Think we are missing some cool geek gadgets? Let us know in the comments.

Our list of The Best Geek Gift Ideas is the perfect alternative to websites similar to thinkgeek and our aim is to save you time looking for the perfect gift for geeks or nerds – Our list is constantly growing and being updates so make sure you come next time you need a geeky gift idea.

For added convenience you can find all these awesome geeky gifts right hereAmazon Geeky Gifts

Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe Nerdy Gift Ideas

Levitating Floating Globe

Seller: MOKOQ!
Price: $32.99

A wicked levitating floating globe that is suspended in mid air while rotating. This makes a great addition to the bedroom or living room and is sure to spark discussion with your visitors. Featuring LED lighting, 3.3 inch globe, 7 inch stand

This is one gadget that every geek / nerd should own at least once in their lifetime.

Drone Helicopter Geek Store Gift Ideas

Drone Helicopter

Seller: Amcrest
Price: $54.99

HD First Person View Drone – Put yourself in the driver’s seat and take control of this awesome drone through the Amcrest Sky app that is available through the Google Play and Apple App Store. Features a click return function that allows you to return the drone back to the take off location for those times where it gets out of site, built in altitude hovering ability and 7 minute fly time.

If you buy this for yourself you will love it and if you buy it as a gift the person will love you and their new drone. A very strong
Geek Store Collection contender!

Big Bang Theory - Leonard Nerdy Gift Idea Geek

Big Bang Theory – Leonard Figuring

Seller: FunKo
Price: $10.99

Know a Big Bang Theory fanatic? This is the perfect gift. A FunKo 3,3/4 inch tall collectable figuring of the lovable Leonard. Start or add to your existing Big Bang Theory figuring collection. This one is voted number 1 for our top nerdy ideas in the geek store collection.

Collect all the Big Bang Theory Figurines

Sheldon Figuring
Amy Figuring
Howard Figuring
Raj Figuring
Penny Figuring

Math Wall Clock Each Hour Marked By a Simple Math Equation

Math Equation Wall Clock

Seller: Decodyne
Price: $17.95

The geekiest wall clock available on the market… besides the binary code clock found further down the page. Instead of having traditional numbers this clock has mathematical equations to display the time. If you know a super nerd this is for them. Clock measures 11-1/2 inches and is powered by 2 x AA batteries. This will make the perfect gift for the nerd in your life.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Star Wars Falcon Waffle Maker

Seller: Pangea Brands
Price: $34.95

Calling all Star Wars and waffle fans! Serve up the fastest waffles in the galaxy with this unique Star Wars Millennium Falcon waffle maker. Built from durable stainless steel coated with a non-stick coating, measures 7.75″ x 9.5″ x 4.75″ Officially Licensed Star Wars waffle maker.

Other Geek Store Waffle Maker Ideas – Find them here “Geek Waffle Makers

More Perfect Geeky Gift Ideas Found Below

Searching for what to get your nerdy boyfriend for christmas? or maybe you are searching for what to get a nerdy guy for his birthday? Whatever the reason is for searching geeky gift ideas you will be pleased to know we have done the hard work for you. We have a huge handpicked selection of nerdy gift ideas that will likely make you purchase one for yourself and maybe for the nerdy boyfriend that has everything.

Have you recently purchased a gift that would like to share with us so we can grow this collection? Leave a comment below and help other people searching for What to get a nerdy guy for his birthday.

Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Seller: PowerUp
Price: $19.75

Featured geek store gift must have! Fly longer and further by converting your standard paper planes with this PowerUp electric motor and battery. Design to be super durable with a carbon fiber propeller to withstand those high speed crashes.
Voted most fun Geek Store Collection gift idea.

LEGO James Bond Aston Martin Gift

7 LEGO James Bond Aston Martin 

Seller: Lego
Price: $199.99

Build the James Bond collectible Aston Martin DB5 with exclusive details and lots of 007 gadgetry! A great centerpiece for the home or office, this Aston Martin car model features a raisable bullet shield, working ejection seat and rotating license plate. 1295 pieces 3″ high , 13″ long , 4″ wide

Remember To Comment Your Favourite Geek Store Collection Idea Below

Wireless Weather Station Nerdy Gift

8 Wireless Weather Station

Seller: AcuRite
Price: $124.99

High-precision 5-in-1 wireless weather station accurately measures the temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain. Who needs the weather channel when you own this stunning weather station, not only does this provide interesting weather information it will also gain the attention of your friends and family when they visit.

9 Geeky Binary Clock

Seller: Anelace
Price: $28.95

As mentioned earlier on the Math Equation Clock this tops the list at the most nerdy gift idea ever! This clock displays the time using binary which will be useless for the majority of the population.. but don’t continue to browse further yet! Geeks & nerds will absolutely love owning this clock as it make normal people realize how smart they are. This is one of our highest recommended Geek Store Collection gift ideas.

What to get a nerdy guy for his birthday?

The real question is what to get a nerdy guy for his birthday who has everything? Birthday presents are usually always hard to find especially if you are not a geek yourself. Thankfully we have created a list of products from websites similar to thinkgeek that will have you finding the perfect geeky gift idea. We recommend finding a gift that fits the person’s personality, for an example if they love computers or programing the #10 Floppy Disc Coasters or the #16 Augmented Gaming Robot will make the perfect geeky gift idea.

Nerdy Floppy Disc Coasters Gift set

10 Floppy Disc Coasters

Seller: Neurons Not Included
Price: $15.50

Ok this one will show your age.. I am guessing a huge percentage of people viewing this one will not know what a floppy disc is? If you do leave a comment below with your age. Set of 4 individual – 4 inch x 4 inch square, neoprene coasters.
The perfect gift for any Geek born before let’s say 1987..?

Geek Store Collection Instagram Inspiration

Sushi Socks Box Set gift idea

11 Sushi Socks Box Set

Seller: Rainbow Socks
Price: $28.99

Sushi Socks Box is unlike any other product of this type in the world. The idea for the socks that look and are packed like real sushi was born a few years ago in the heads of creative people who love sushi. Each sock is folded in a specific way so that it resembles the Japanese delicacy. If you are searching for unique socks or gift ideas, you’re in the right place.

Rubber Band Gun Gift Idea

12 Rubber Band Gun Gift Idea

Seller: iSottcom
Price: $24.90

A simple but guaranteed gift idea that will impress the hardest critic. This rubber band gun will provide hours of laughs as you and your friends shoot targets and maybe each other at time. This rubber band gun is the perfect gift idea when you know don’t know what to get.

Geek Gift Ideas Bicycle Pizza Cutter

13 Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Seller: AUKONT
Price: $8.98

An ideal gift for pizza lovers and bike enthusiasts, this groovy bicycle pizza cutter will be the talk of the kitchen as friends and family try to figure out what it is used for. For just $8.98 we think this is the coolest gift idea.

Geek gift ideas Tactical Self Defense Pen

14 Tactical Self Defense Pen

Price: $15.97

Durable and rugged, made from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum for Superior Strength. This cool pen multi tool has been used by military pilots, Navy SEALs, first responders and other challenging professions and has stood up well to the rigors of daily use. If you know a survivalist you just know this is the perfect gift for them. #1 Geek Store product of survival.

15 The App-Controlled Robot Ball

Seller: Sphero
Price: $42.75

The Sphero Mini Blue is an app controlled robot ball that you can also program via Javascript if you have that level of skill.. or just watch Youtube and learn how to program Sphero Mini Blu with little effort. With over 302 positive product reviews you can’t go wrong with this remote control gift.

Geek Gift Ideas Augmented Gaming Robot Nerdy Things

16 Augmented Gaming Robot

Seller: GJS Robot
Price: $199.99

With single player, two player and multiplayer AR allows you to make any open ground your battle field. GEIO is endowed with “vision”, to attack the enemy accurately through First Person View. Face recognition, enemy and totem detection with GEIOs camera and sensors, upgrades your AR gaming experience. Geek Note: Program your GEIO robot with the graphical coding experience. Nerdy gift ideas gaming console winner!

Check Out The GJS ROBOT-GEIO In Action – Geek Store Gift ideas

The perfect alternative to websites similar to thinkgeek

Our Geek Store Collection – The Best Geek Gift Ideas is the perfect alternative to websites similar to thinkgeek as you don’t need to click your way through page fillers and other not so geeky gift ideas. Our main goal was to create a list of nerdy gift ideas that will make your search for what to get a nerdy guy for his birthday quick and easy. Remember our birthday / geeky christmas gift ideas list is constantly changing and growing so visit us everything you need gift inspiration.

Buy An Authentic Meteorite Gift With Case

17 Authentic Meteorite With Case

Seller: Dancing Bear
Price: $35.95

Want to own a real meteorite? Who doesn’t! Purchase a real meteorite that was collected from Campo Del Cielo, Argentina. Not convinced this is real, check out the product reviews and do a little research on Campo Del Cielo meteorites.. Another great thing about this purchase is that buying this helps support The Pearl Buck Center in their mission to help people with disabilities obtain employment.

LEGO gift ideas London Bus 1686 Piece

18 LEGO London Bus (1686 Piece)

Seller: LEGO
Price: $214.95

The LEGO London bus comes with an array of brick-built details, including large windows, bright red curved bodywork, panoramic windshield, specially made standard-tread tires and a destination sign. Coming in at 1686 pieces this will provide hours of entertainment and it will look awesome on display once completed.

HedBanz Family Guessing Game

19 HedBanz Family Guessing Game

Seller: Spin Master Games
Price: $10.60

Hedbanz is the fun, fast-paced, easy to play question game of “What am I?” Ask yes or no questions to figure out if the cartoon on your head is an animal, food or man-made object Be the first player to guess what you are & win. This is one gift the entire family will enjoy playing and is perfect for the winter nights or during the holiday season.

Plasma Globe Lamp present ideas

20 Plasma Ball Lamp Gift Idea

Seller: Discovery Kids
Price: $30.17

Plasma balls were the thing to have in the 90’s and we are sure this will spark amazement in the kids of today or bring back memories for us older folks. You will discover a strange satisfaction when touching the plasma globe as the electricity gravities to your fingers. This gift looks amazing on display and can add abit of color into the room.

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Our Geek Store Collection was put together to help you find the perfect gift ideas for your friends or family. Ask My Girl had extreme pleasure tracking down all these nerdy things from websites similar to thinkgeek so we hope you enjoy our list. Our collection ranges from drones with cameras to Star Wars waffle makers. If you have some cool geek gift ideas please leave a comment below so we can update our list.

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