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Become A Fashion Nova

So you want to become a fashion nova? (nova = a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness)
Well you have come to the right page! We have a whole page dedicated to women’s fashion to help you achieve your fashion nova status. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page and let us know what style you like best.

So what women’s fashion is hot in 2019?

1 The 80’s Are Back

This one may come as a shock if you haven’t been keeping up with the latest fashion trends… THE 80’S ARE BACK!!
A clear example of this is the Gucci Fall Winter 2019 Fashion Show (Full fashion show found below)

Check out the below photos of looks you can pull off in 2019

2 Straight Neutral Baby!

Not so keen on the 80’s suit look? Well neutral is also highly fashionable in 2019
Basically stick to 1-2 colours but feel free to show your colourful side with your shoes.
We have collected the below photos to help you achieve the fashion nova 2019 look.

3 90’s Kid Fashion Nova

Still unsure if you like the above trends? Well maybe the 90’s kid style if more your thing, not only does it look amazing but it is a super comfortable look and you will be on point in 2019.

The best part about 2019 women’s fashion is you only need to watch some old skool movies or flick through some family albums to get inspiration from the younger you or maybe even your brother! Who new his styling would hip in 2019… I sure didn’t.

4 Fishnets Are A Thing In 2019! – Fashion Nova Surprise

Yup we said it! You won’t just find fishnets in dark alleyways with doorways illuminated with a red glow.
2019 is bringing sexy back and fishnets are your new go to.

5 Love A Good Old Skool Curtain Print?

2019 women’s fashion has all the best 80’s – 90’s curtain prints ready and waiting, check out the below examples of how curtain prints have forced their way into our Become A Fashion Nova 2019 lineup… Maybe your grandmother has some old curtains laying around you can inherit?

Every Fashion Nova Should Know The Latest Trends So Check Out The Below Fashion Videos / Instagram Accounts

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