Monday, April 6, 2020

Best Newborn Baby Products of 2020

Best Newborn Baby Products of 2020 Thousands of parents make it through each day with the help of...
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The Dark Secret Behind Your Favorite Makeup Products | Shady The Dark Secret Behind Your Favorite Makeup Products | Shady On this...

How To Keep Your Curls Fresh! (all week)

This is how I like to refresh my curls! This is days 1-4. Usually days 5-7 I experiment with hairstyles.

How I Do My Nails At Home! – no acrylic or damage

This is how I like to do my own nails at home! What do you think? Should I try glam nails next?

I Tried Package Free Beauty Products

Today I'm testing out solid package free beauty products!

The Terrifying Truth About Skin Bleaching Products

On this episode of Shady, our host, Lexy Lebsack travels to the Philippines to uncover the toxic reality of skin bleaching.

Transforming This $500 Wig! (Before + After)

I bought this wig and decided to transform it to make it lighter! What do you think??

5 Beauty Tips You NEED to Know

These are 5 beauty/pamper tips you need to know!

My SHORT Curly Hair Routine 2019!

This is my updated short curly hair routine!

My Flawless Foundation Routine! Photo Ready

This is my flawless foundation routine to be photo ready! This foundation has medium, buildable coverage and is amazing for combo/oily skin.

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Become A Fashion Nova

So you want to become a fashion nova? (nova = a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness)Well you have come...

Geek Store Collection – The Best Geek Gift Ideas

The best geek gift ideas and other nerdy things you need to own. If you are or have a geek in your life this is the only geek store collection you need to look at!

Top 20 HOT Destinations – Where to Travel in 2020

These are my 20 Top Hot Destinations from all of my travel adventures around the world. From Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia