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10 MINUTE COOL DOWN ROUTINE – slow workout, suitable for nighttime

10 MINUTE COOL DOWN ROUTINE – slow workout, suitable for nighttime

You can do this 10 minute cool down routine video after any of my other workouts – as a COOL DOWN or even AT NIGHT before sleep // Werbung

It’s a calm routine with slow strength exercises & some stretching. I reaaaally like it since it slows down my mind, gives my body a nice stretch and still makes me “feel” all muscles with a little burn 🙂

No Equipment necessary and not much space needed 🙂 The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s or 60s for each exercise.

You can add this 10 MINUTE COOL DOWN ROUTINE at the end of every workout session. Check out my 15min Full Body HIIT, 10min Ab Workout, 20min Booty Workout or the Song Workouts if you need some intense workout videos!

Ask My Girl Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an effective workout?
An effective workout is a workout that is easy on your body and one that you can maintain commitment and enjoy. A little muscle tenderness is normal but if you are sore for 3-4 days this could be sign of an injury and you will most likely not be able to stay committed. Find an exercise you enjoy and one that is easy on your body for the best results and have an effective 10 MINUTE COOL DOWN ROUTINE.

How long does it take to see results?
Everyone is different and the biggest influence will be your diet, while exercise is very important your diet is even more important! If you change to a balanced diet including fresh vegetables, fruit and meat while motoring your calorie intake, you will see results very quickly. Combine healthy eating with an effective workout for the best results

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