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Watch this if you bloat or cant lose weight

Cant lose weight or bloat watch this | My Health Update Part 1

Can’t lose weight, watch this. I’ve been suffering from chronic bloating, cramps, etc for the longest time and I have been looking to solve these issues once and for all through natural remedies. I found myself a Naturopathic, Ayurvedic Functional Medicine Doctor – Dr Stephen Cabral who I’ve consulted with in the last 6 months.

Part 1 – This cant lose weight video! This video documents the background of my issues, the test kits I used to discover hard facts about my body, and I talk about the issues that were found.

Part 2 – The 2nd video touches on my first step to recovery as I undergo a 7 day detox to heal my liver, and detox harmful toxins from my body. This video touches on why it is important to detox, followed by a documentation of my experience on what I consumed for a week, and the end results. A detox is known for various benefits including weight loss, anti-aging and improving general wellbeing.

Part 3 cant lose weight-–uk The 3rd video documents my real thoughts and experience going through the gut protocol 2 weeks in and what the bacteria die off symptoms feel like.

And the final part 4 will be out some time after the gut protocol and will cover the process, my experience, and most importantly, my end results. Will I finally not suffer from bloating?

Please know that I’m putting this cant lose weight video together purely for informational purposes. Everyone is different and everyone needs their own professional diagnosis. I am not being paid to promote my doctor over another and I am only promoting the message to consider curing yourself naturally before taking harsh pharmaceutical medicine, which is what cause my health problems in the first place.

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