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Japanese Department Store Food Tour at Shibuya Scramble Square

Japanese Department Store Food Tour at Shibuya Scramble Square

This is a Japan Guide for my Top 10 Tokyo Food Tour in a Japanese Department Store Depachika at Tokyu Food Show Edge in Shibuya. There are many types of Japanese food in a Japanese department stores, like Japanese bento box, Japanese breads, Tokyo vegan food and even my favorite, Japanese karaage also known as fried chicken.

Japanese Department Store Food is area is often called depachika because depa is short for Department and chika means basement in Japanese and that is where the food area is located in most Japan department stores. This tour of Japanese food in Department Store is almost like a Tokyo Street food tour since many of these foods are too go. In fact, there is a center eating space at Tokyu Food Show. Hope you can use the Tokyo travel guide as a way to navigate through Tokyo and the Shibuya area.

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