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10 Must Know JAPAN Travel Tips No One Talks about …like POLICE

10 Must Know JAPAN Travel Tips No One Talks about …like POLICE

These Top 10 Japan Travel Tips are based on what I wish I knew before moving to Japan. This serves as a Japan Guide for travelers planning Japan travel and what to do when stopped by a Japanese Police officer. This Tokyo guide also shows what not do in Japan as well as things not do in Japan based on Japanese culture. These Japanese Travel Tips cover Tattoos in a Japanese Onsen, Non-tipping culture, riding the train in Japan, Wifi in Japan, Japanese Hotels, Japanese Police, etc. Basically, these are the things to know before going to Japan. More information is listed below.

Top 10 Japan Travel Tips You Should Know

0:41 #1 Cash in Japan
2:38 #2 Eating & Drinking While Walking
4:17 #3 Drinking in Japan
5:04 #4 Tattoos in Japan Tattoo Friendly Onsen – Hot spring facilities in Tokyo – https://www.tokyozebra.com/blog/tatto…
6:12 #5 Wifi & The Internet

Tokyo Wifi Spots http://www.wifi-tokyo.jp/spotmap.html

Another options is to get a SIM card for your unlocked mobile device. You can go to most major electronics store and they should carry it. There are a few options, but I’ll cover the 2 basic types that I think is the best for travelers.

(1) SIM card with a daily data transfer limits 220mb per day. You can get it for 7 days or 15 days.
(2) SIM cards with a total data transfer limit of 1.5 Gb or 3GB that work for 30 day period. It doesn’t have a daily transfer limit which I personally prefer. And if I use up all the data in only a few days, you can just buy a new card.
(* Note that the prices and data plans are always changing so depending on when you see this video, prices might have already changed. )

7:39 #6 Smoking in Japan – https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/201…

9:18 #7 Riding the Train

10:16 #8 Non-Tipping Culture

11:52 #9 Hotel Fees in Japan

12:52 #10 Police in Japan

Ask My Girl Travel Tips

How to travel safe
There are risks with everything we do and just like crossing the road and looking both ways you should also take steps to ensure you have a safe holiday getaway.

  • Travel Insurance
    We know this can feel like flushing money down the drain but really if you cant afford travel insurance you should not travel. In many parts of the world if you have an accident or lose your belongings you will be left to support yourself and in most situations this will lead to costs running into the thousands. It is also important to review your insurance before traveling so you know what cover you have and any limitations the insurance company may place on you. e.g. renting motor bikes or prohibiting other activities.
  • Local Laws and Customs
    It’s important to research the laws and local customs of any country before you visit, a quick search can save you embarrassment and possible jail time. Remember to treat locals with respect and know that you are representing your own country when abroad. Use this travel safe link to learn more about your destination.
  • Communication
    Always keep friends and family updated on your whereabouts and the best ways to contact you. If you know you will not have contact for a period of time let them know for how long, what your plans and scheduled are and when you will make contact again. Posting regularly on social media can also help keep a track of your movements.

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