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Top 20 HOT Destinations – Where to Travel in 2019

These are my 20 Top Hot Destinations from all of my travel adventures around the world. From Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia

Cute Outfit Ideas 2019 – Women’s Casual Fashion

Find cute outfit ideas for your 2019 collection. Ask My Girl have collected the latest cute outfits for you to own like a boss

What To Wear In The Winter | My Banff Outfits

Some winter fashion advice and inspiration, check out my what to wear in winter collection.Thank you so much for watching! I hope...

Spring Try-on Clothing Haul

I hope this video gave you some new outfit ideas :) Thanks as always for watching! Keep up with my daily outfits...

How To Travel Amsterdam in 2019

If you're coming to Amsterdam in 2019, you need to watch this travel guide. These are the best things to do in...